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New Year - New News

Dear Fans,


At first a want to wish you an great new year.


At the next time, i want collect new infomation about "The Blackberries" for you.


And the next time I will creat a new layout for this page.


Have a nice day,


6.1.09 19:42

It's time to change

Dear Fans,

I have some exclusiv new information for you, but they are not good.

We must say goodbye to our bassiest Judas. He move to Berlin to study.

Good luck Judas.


The Blackberries without Bassist?

No, never. The Band get an new bassiest, but the information about his person a scret, but I know he can sing

When I have get more information, I quickly tell it to you.


In love,



(I must apologize for my English, it is not the best.)

20.9.08 20:32

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